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Terms & Conditions

Disclaimer for all Booze Missile products sold on theboozemissile.com or Amazon website is considered novelty products. It's possible that Booze Missile items are illegal in your city, county, state, or nation. Before placing a purchase, the consumer must verify local, county, state, and nation regulations and ordinances. Theboozemissile.com takes no responsibility for merchandise that has been declared unlawful by your municipal, state, or county authorities. Drinking Products Avoid consuming excessive amounts of alcohol since it is harmful to your health and should be avoided. Everyone understands that these are novelty products and are not meant to be used to consume excessive amounts of alcohol. When compared to drinking without these items, the consumer can consume more liquids in a shorter amount of time. Users of these items are reminded that they are solely responsible for what they ingest from them. When beer/alcohol is used in these items, the blood alcohol level rises fast, and intoxication occurs more quickly and intensely than when fluids are consumed without these products. Under no circumstances can our drinking items be used or given to anybody under the age of 21. Use this product responsibly and in accordance with all applicable state and federal alcohol regulations. All risks connected with the use of this product are assumed by the user. Booze Missile is not an advocate for binge drinking. DRINK RESPONSIBLY AND DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.